Smoke/Haze Is From Controlled Burn in Alabama

According to The Cedartown Standard, there is a controlled burn occurring in Alabama that has caused smoke to drift over into Polk County. It appears the smoke has also made its way to Paulding, and has been spotted as far out as Hiram.

More information is available here.

2 thoughts on “Smoke/Haze Is From Controlled Burn in Alabama”

  1. I have had damage to my heart & lungs from all the illegal burning (trash, debris & copper wire) near New Hope (& lack of enforcement) so I keep track of air quality. I have never seen previous days data be unavailable, but data for the April 4th smoke event is not on the site. The AQI animation loops from 12-2 am but does not show beyond that or peak particle. What is up with that?!

  2. If I may ask, what website or source are you using to track air quality? I am curious about the omitted data you spoke of.

    As for the burning in New Hope, you may wish to contact the Paulding County Marshal’s Office. They are the code enforcement agency for the county.

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