Special Statement

…Some slick spots on roadways possible through mid morning across much of north Georgia… …Patchy freezing fog possible across far north Georgia…

Although precipitation has ended across north Georgia…there is some residual moisture on the roadways. This…combined with temperatures below freezing…will allow for some of this to freeze on roadways…causing patchy ice on roads and elevated surfaces. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing around 10am this morning.

In addition to patchy ice on roadways…there are a few areas of fog across north Georgia this morning. This combined with below freezing temperatures could lead to patchy areas of freezing fog. The most likely area for this is across far north Georgia with the lower visibilities. The threat for freezing fog will diminish by mid morning as visibilities and temperatures increase.

For those that must travel this morning…use caution and slow down. Leave extra time to reach your destination.

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